The Podcast Final Episode?

Episode 102 will be up soonish.  It is the end of an Era for Geek Switch.  With over 100 episode, changes, ups and down it became time to old the old version of the show.

We will be back, Kirwen/Dante has been streaming now and then over at twitch.  Furi is off being a crosfit addict.  Robin is cosplaying and larping, Luke is living it up and Japan and well Tony is starting a family.

A new direction and Dynamic will be coming in late 2015.  Maybe back to audio only, maybe two shows with 2 groups.  A lot of ideas are on the table.  We needed a break and to rethink things.  Thank you to all the fans that have followed us to this point.  We couldn't have keep going as long as we have without you.