Review: Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison

Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I first learned of its existence when I heard Wombat from Cheap Ass Gamer's CAGcast talking about it. It's up on Netflix Instant so I decided to watch it on his recommendation that it is hilariously terrible. I was not disappointed.

The basic premise of the movie is that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by the winner of a look-alike contest, set up by Britain's MI5, to keep rabid Beatles fans from committing suicide. This is actually an old theory that many Beatles fans will likely be familiar with, but this time there's a twist. According to the movie, a recording studio in California received tapes in 2005 labeled The Last Testament of George Harrison apparently confirming the conspiracy. Oh, but it gets worse...

To point out the obvious, it's all fake. Paul McCartney didn't die in 1966 and this movie will do nothing to convince you otherwise. “George Harrison” has the worst fake accent you've ever heard, pronouncing government as “goo-vern-ment” and Maxwell as “Mock's-well.” I don't know what the budget of the movie was, but could they really not get someone actually from Liverpool?

Not only is the movie cheaply made and ridiculous, it's also insulting to fans of The Beatles. According to the movie, The Beatles spent almost the entire rest of their career putting hints into their music and artwork. Famous albums are reduced to nothing more than silly clues that make The Beatles look like idiots.

But even as terrible and unconvincing as this movie is, Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison turns out to be hilarious in spite of itself. This is The Room for Beatles fans. Sure, the music is never quite really Beatles music, and the narration is decidedly terrible, but it's all played so straight that it becomes hilarious quickly. If you like laughing at bad movies, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

At the end of the day, Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison is a car crash of a movie. And just like a car crash you won't be able to turn away. Sit down with some friends, crack open some beers, and enjoy this terrible tragedy. Just try not to think about it too much.

Things to watch for: John's reaction to Paul's death, why The Beatles “really” went to India, names The Beatles give to Paul's replacement, mispronunciations by “Harrison”, and Heather Mill's real identity

1 out of 5 stars

Game Trailer: Call of Duty Elite ??? Legend of Karl ?

What the flying F**************K is this crap!?  Call of Duty Elite is if E-sport and Social networking had  baby with a flame thrower?  This is the new way they are trying to creep money out of gamers now?  Hey lets fire anyone who mattered at Infinity Ward and milk this franchises like EA does Madden!  So basically... they are saying Call of Duty Elite is what we PC Gamers have been doing with organized clans and online tournament play for what.. over a few decades?  So from they video they are saying there is a difference between "Groups" and "Clans" ?  Ya... this idea is just plain stupid.  It also proves that how far Call of Duty has fallen.  So yes as I have joked Call of Duty is the new Madden and this video is just helping that opinion. There also has been recent talk of the "premium" subscription based plan for COD and I'm sure Elite is a big part of those plans.

Game Trailer: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Full Trailer & Gameplay

A few days after the leaked teaser and with E3 days away we get a full trailer. Not only a full trailer but game play as well. This makes me really wonder what the hell Blizzard has up their sleeves for Blizzcon?! Starcraft 2 is one of their biggest franchises outside of North America. Normally they reserve something like this for ether SC World Invitationals or for Blizzcon itself. So trying to get some thunder at E3 for the first time in years we have them dropping a hell of a bomb. Not only do we get a cinematic taste of the expansion but get to see it in action as well. After watching the videos all I can say is, Holly Hell...Way to end May Blizzard. Kerrigan in her "human" form trying to rebuild the Zerg?   We get an Ice planet to play on! The story looks to start right at the end of SC2 even with 2 different start points? We get to choose evolution paths for units rather than just upgrades. It has been awhile since I finished SC2.   I do need play though the game again before this expansion releases. E3 get here already!

Freddie Wong - One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku

Since in the last post I was disappointing with his latest video. I figured it would only be fair to post a recent good video of his as well. With Jayson Floyd and Eliza Dushku taking the lead rather than Freddie you can see the fun they have shooting these videos. One long action shot. Nicely done considering that this small team puts out videos week after week. Freddie, we need more video sequels from you like this. Not Jedi A-holes strike back.

WTF Internet! Jedi A-Holes Strike Back & Jedi's A-Holes

Here we are again with Freddie Wong making another video that premise just seems odd. Jedi's are good nature defenders of the light side of the Force. They are not A-Holes, that sir would be the Sith! So not only is the title of both of these videos misleading but I expected more to have been done with the sequel. Why not have a 3rd guy that happens to be a frat boy type. They typically are viewed as A-holes. Why not have one of the guys from Epic Meal Time Co-Star? This new video just doesn't seem as childish and off the wall as the first one. Yes the effects are better but just feels like he didn't spend the time on it compared to some of his videos. Mr Wong I expect more from you after some of your recent amazing videos and your YouTube sponsorship. Jedi A-Holes WTF does that even mean?! Sith are A-Holes good sir would be a better title!

Source: Freddie Wong

WTF Internet! Leonard Nimoy Lazy Day - Burno Mars

This isn't so much as WTF but a pure awesome video. How offten do you get to see Spock be a dick in a bathrobe. We could have done without the pissing/follow up giggle moment. The song is not a personal favorite of mine but the video really makes everything a complete package. The ending is more priceless than expected. Bravo Mr Nimoy and bravo Burno Mars.

Game Trailer: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

To see a trailer leaked and posted before Blizzcon about a Blizzard game is rather nuts. I can't remember seeing a trailer come out before their major gaming convention in a long while. It has become a personal E3 showcase for them and typically why we haven't see a major showing from them outside of it. Starcraft 2 is one of the big 3 franchise they own. Even if it's just a teaser this means they have possible a new announcement at E3. Or we are going to see something huge at Blizzcon in October. This trailer leaks just a few days after the tickets for the Blizzard convention sold out. So was it really leaked? We do know that it was posted to Kotaku yesterday via YouTube and taken down by That means that someone at leaked it right? Still who doesn't want more of a new Blizzard Project even if the teaser is only 45 seconds.

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm - Teaser Trailer by playitlive

Source:Daily Motion

WTF Internet! MLP Equestria Girls

Ok.. I would like to say this is an official and real commercial.  Getting that out of the way its someone doing a Katy Perry parody song for My Little Pony.  Considering that the real music video has girls showing some skin and Snoop Dogg.  Why would someone think it was a good idea to use it to promote MLP.  I understand that its a parody and rewritten to suit the younger girls but what if they get curious about it.  If they seek out more clips of the song or commercial and YouTube suggests the original?  Hey I've got an idea lets take Disturbs "Let the bodies hit the floor" and rewrite it for G.I. JOE.  Just makes me want to shake my head and ask WTF.  I'm going to put both videos below.  The real Katy perry - California Girls and the My Little Poney - Equestria Girls.

Game Trailer: Old Republic Trooper Progress

Not nearly as exciting as a Jedi but Bioware brings us another new Star Wars Old Republic trailer.  It is almost time for E3 and we should expect some big announcement.  If it is not a solid release date or the fact that the open beta would be starting in weeks I will be disappointed.   World of Warcraft is losing some steam so this is a perfect time for a new MMO.  Rift has done well but it is still a fantasy game.  Old Republic not only is scifi but Star Wars giving it a far better chance to take control.  Granted Sony did botch the Star Wars MMO before so Bioware also has lot of wary fans out there.  More we see of this game the more people want it out now.  Give us a release date soon.

WTF Internet! Mr Horse Antagonist ?!

Well.. I now I do not want to go to Anime Expo now.  Think about this guy standing next to Man Faye...  Ya I can not explain what I just saw.  Nether do I want to understand any of this.  Antagoinist89 apparently is a YouTube user that plays video games and gives commentary on them.  So he debuts his new personality at the convention?  Is he going to review games as a half horse?  I do not know but seriously Antagoinist89 from YouTube  WTF?! To Anime Expo attendees if you see this man dancing with pedo bear... RUN... or get some wonderful convention pictures with them.  Go check out the rest of   "Let's Play" videos on YouTube.  Though none of them are this weird as this one. 

Game Trailer: Assassin's Creed: Revelations Trailer 2

WTF Internet! And Geek Beanbag Luge Was Born!

What happens when you take a room full of bored geeks with too much time on their hands.  Lots and lots of bad ideas.  Why not let them have access to a bunch of adult sized bean bags from Sumo Lounge.  Oh what is that you say?  There happens to be a long waxed surface just begging to be slide down.  Well I have an idea why not combine the two.  Thus geek beanbag luge was born.  This video happens to be a promotion video attached to Sumo Lounge.  Makers of adult single and couple bean bag chairs.  Cause geeks do not need things like couches when we can have squishy chairs.  I would be lying if I didn't want one myself.  Though I do not think this video is a great way to promote the item.  That would be like lazy boy promoting their chairs with a downhill skill run in the chair.  Which does happen all over the US in winter.  More on that one later this year.  Still this video makes me go WTF were these people thinking.  Ether PAX is amazing after a few drinks or they are trying to slide away from the Midway booth.  I wonder if anyone out there can say if this became a yearly event?  If you know leave a comment or just email us.   

Trailer: Conan O'Brien Can't Stop, A movie this summer I WILL see!

A behind the scenes look at the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour." Conan O'Brien's answer to a contractual stipulation that banned his appearance on television, radio and the Internet for six months following his last show.  After 22 years on NBC and being one of the funniest men on late night he pushed back to a midnight slot.  Conan stood his ground and refused.  Many of his fans were outraged at what NBC did.  He had earned his stop on the Tonight Show and Leno had failed with his own new show/project.

This move looks to be a insight to a part of O'Brien's life after his show and before his new place on TBS.  Instead of being a taping of him on stage and releasing it.  This film looks to be a no holds bar look on the behind the scenes of what he was dealing with and how the show came together.  Conan O'Brien is to me one of the funniest men on TV and has earned my respect and following.  Not mean people would have done what he did.  Not many could recover as he has ether.  If you never seen documentaries stop for a moment, watch the trailer and buy a ticket this June to see this one story.

Trailer: Voltron Force, I'll form the head?

I still don't know how I feel about this new version of Voltron.  Its return to the small screen could lead w ay to a better live action movie but I still feel uneasy.  Hearing the transformation music reminds me of the old song. Keith still call out the same commands to form Voltron.  I understand they had to chance some things I'm sure due to GO-Lion copyright. Or it was because they wanted to update the look of the famous robot without taking away from the original. The new version does seem to be agile and closer to the Voltron Third Dimension Voltron. You can compare both videos below.

Voltron Force

Original Voltron

Away From Keyboard

Dante will be away from his keyboard for most of Wednesday in attempt to do some heavy editing on current articles. We are looking to put out more reviews and original content. So please bare with us for a few days. WTF Internet will return Thursday. While Tuesday Top 5 will return next week. Any basic news and trailers will still be posted. Any articles from the other writers as well.

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Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Ep. 7: Scorpion and Sub Zero (Part 1)

Your two favorite blood thirsty ninjas return in this weeks episode of MK Legacy.  Last time we got to see the God of Thunder Raiden stuck in a mental institution unable to get to the coming tournament.   This episode sets a nice tone for these two icons of the series.  Placing the episode in such a different place and era than the last episode is a nice chance of place.  It gives a different perspective on the history between the two characters than I personally can remember.    Being more authentic and having the dialog in Japanese with English subtitles goes a long way.  The background images and sets of this show blow me away each time.  My anticipation for what the plot will be once they get to the tournament itself is growing dramatically.  If you have not taken the time to watch this reboot of the Mortal Kombat Live action series/movies please take the time.  I can't wait to see the conclusion of this plot next week.

Source: Machinima on YouTube

WTF Internet! Mega Ultimate Tournament of Extreme Fighting (MUTEF)

The only fight game you will ever need. Every fighter ever? How epic would that be? Voice Acting Ninja did keep a decent distance from any insinuative fighter pairings that could have offended someone? Like he could have had Jesus vs Powdered Toast man? Buda vs E. Honda ect and so forth. This video reminds me of the Power Aid videos made a few years back but toned down. This might is going to be full of Fake Trailers so what better way to start it than a fighting game that will never possibly exist. Check out more of VANinja's work on his YouTube channel. Who knows what his next project will be but makes you wonder how late he was up at night to come up with this... I mean it's not as WTF as some previous posts but HOW twisted do you have to be to pair Wolverine and Strawberry Shortcake in a fight?  You can also follow him over at twitter

Game Trailer: Call of Duty MW3 Game Play Trailer Leaked!

Leaked a few hours before the official release later tonight. The trailer is looks a whole lot like Transformers 3 without any giant robots? We get World War 3 in a dated game engine. Yes, it looks good but this trailer does not wow me. Battlefield 3's trailer blew me away and I was expecting more from MW3. It just looks like more stuff going on so like Modern Warfare 2... with more stuff. The last outing with Black Ops was felt like they are more trying to put a game out faster rather than putting effort into it. It's like the Madden football of FPS games now. You get one with a little improvement but nothing that really changes the game. With the main people behind Call of Duty 4 working at a different studio this is what I feared and expected from what was left.

Trailer: The Muppets / Green With Envy

I nicely done fake teaser trailer for a romantic comedy called "Green With Envy" that suddenly takes a twist half way into a REAL trailer for a upcoming film.  This would be one of the best teasers to see in a movie theater in years cause it starts off like any other generic romantic movie trailer and then we get a dose of everyone's favorite frog.  Even the voice over announcer gets confused at the appearance of Miss piggy and Kermit.  Even the actors break the forth wall at one point in typical Muppet humor.  What a wonderful way to tease this long awaited return to the silver screen of the Muppets.

Source: GreenWithEnvyMovie , Chris Gore's Twitter.

Adam Savage dances to Doctor Who with Tesla!

Well I was not expecting something this awesome on my day off.  Adam Savage from Discovery's Mythbusters dancing the robot.  Wait there's more!  He dancing in a Faraday cage being hit by Tesla Coils playing the Doctor Who theme.  Arc Attack once again has fun with a member of the Mythbusters team.  How much more geeky can you get than this?  I would find it hard to top it today at least .  Maybe  George Takei dressed up as Mal from Firefly singing the opening theme might beat it.  Big thanks to Sourc3 for filming this at Makers Faire and putting this geeky display on YouTube. 

Source : Sourc3 YouTube, Topless Robot.

Game Preview: Dead Island Gameplay

So far my impression of this game from what trailers and footage I've seen is this.  Crysis minus the suit plus Dead Rising 2.  You have a large open environment from a first person perspective and a large focus on melee zombie killing and crafting.  One of the more interesting concepts feels plucked right from Dead Space with the ability to target different limbs of the zombies.   It feels like a fresh setting for a zombie game but at the same time all the elements feel like they have been done before.  Cause they have.  You even have special infected zombies like Left 4 Dead.  The game does look damn amazing visually but there needs to be some new hook.  I want something that new and shiny dammit.


WTF Internet! Katy Perry Puppet Sex....

NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS HOW WRONG.... THIS IS.. No Nudity but Most likely NSFW. Ya... I thought the I am your grandma video was screwed up but... Just watch..and see your childhood never been the same again.

Currently Embedding of video is not allowed just follow the link.

Source: Collage Humor

Trailer: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Since I went on a small rant on the new Green lantern trailer about Nathan Fillion playing Hal Jordan I figured I would post this trailer.  He does voice the character in this new animated feature from DC Comics being released in a few weeks.  I will also be posting after the break a fan made trailer for Green Lantern using previous movies that Nathan had been in plus some others to what if trailer.  This was made around the time the movie was announced but not yet confirmed the cast.

Trailer: Green Lantern trailer 3!

The third trailer for the new DC Comics Film Green Lantern.  This time they give us far more lore behind what a Green Lantern really is.  The more I see of this film the better it gets.  There are people out there that feel that Ryan Reynolds should not play Hal Jordan and a better fit would have been Nathan Fillion.  I agree with this crowd of people and even at DC Animated might as well seeing how Nathan does voice the character in the new animated feature Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.  We are stuck with Reynolds but each time we get a trailer the more I accept him wearing the ring.  We can hope that this movie lead the way for more DC Comic films like Iron Man did for Marvel.  I would like to add that Green Lantern does have one of the best motto in any comic.

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!"

Source: Yahoo Movies

Game Trailer: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD ver.

Currently this is not slated for a US release.  Which is a damn shame cause I love the Monster Hunter series.  We didn't get MH3rd of PSP yet and we did not get the Online PC/360 title ether.  We can hope though that Capcom will take a release and send this one to us in the states.  It happens to be one of most popular gaming franchise in Japan.  Some how It just never caught on in the states.  A true PS3 title would be far more amazing but considering the poor sales of Monster Hunter Tri for the WII I don't see that happening in the US anytime soon.  Maybe Capcom will release the PS3 upgrade instead of the PSP title here in the States cause of the difference in markets.  Take a look at the differences between both versions below. 

Source : Capcom YouTube

Trailer: Napoleon Dynamite the Animation ?!

Fox seems to have dropped to a new low.  Do we really need another "adult" cartoon on late night fox?  I have never seen the real film.  I have no desire to see it.  The only good thing I can say is I'm very surprised to see the whole original cast doing the voices.  This also means they did not have any other projects/paychecks that are better than this.  Take a look below and see the possible train wreck that this is going to be.  Anyone remember Clerks the animated series? Nope.. thought so.

Source: Fox

Star Tours Updated with New Video

The Disney ride inspired by Star Wars called Star Tours is finally getting an update.  All new locations and even a fight with Darth Vader have been added but I am not sure how I feel about all the new additions.  There is far more prequel love in this new version it seems.  Granted the kids going to Disney Parks are going to be more familiar with the prequels and the Clone Wars more so than the true Trilogy.  There is something just very odd about having a fly by of a Wookie village though.  Hoth and what looks like to be the Endor space battle seem to be there as well.  Though does this mean we will still get the iconic Death Star trench run from A New Hope?  I sure as hell hope so because that is one of the main memories I remember from my childhood trip to Disney World.

It's Ok to be Takei

Please tweet, Facebook, email and spread this video like a wild fire.  This Tennessee bill is completely ignorant and the amazing George Takei who has been a leading supporter of Gay Pride is taking a stand.  Watch the whole video but the merchandise and support this cause in anyway you can.  Hate, fear and bigotry is not what makes the United States great.  It is our freedoms and removing those makes every single one of us, no matter who we love, lesser.  If you don't know who George Takei is well you may have been living in the hills under a rock for the last 40 years.  He also happens to be one of the bigger supporters of US - Japan relations so do check out his videos in response to the Tsunami relief and support the Red Cross in the relief effort.

Trailer: Gears of War 3 Teaser!

Ok this is far too short to really be worth posting but it does give a hint at the plot. We are weeks from E3 and I feel that Microsoft is going to give us some rather big release info for Gears 3 then. You blink and you miss this trailer but we find out a possible start to the plot and get a good look at the new crew.  So on the 28th of May we get to see the full thing.  I can't say that Gears of War 3 is on the top of my want to play list.  It going to be a tough year for shooters when we have Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 and Rage coming out.  Epic games and Id have gone head to head for years and this might be an eventful Christmas season.  That is if the world doesn't end tomorrow.

WTF Internet! Nyan Nyan Cat Man

Ok.... WTF.... really internet... really....

That is all I have to say about this one...

New Weird Al Single!

Tonight starts Weird Al's 2011 Tour and his new single was approved by Gaga. From his website "The new album from "Weird Al" Yankovic will be released on June 21, 2011."  It is his first album in 5 years so lets see what Weird Al the king of music parody has for us when it release.  In the meantime enjoy his Born this Way parody.

Source : alyankovic

Trailer: Rift Mages!

The mage class trailer from Trion's game RIFT is out.  They like fire and slaughtering small innocent bunnies!  The trailer shows off 3 soul groupings that make up a dps mage, a healing mage and then a controller.  The video does well showing off how amazing this game looks and how varied a typical dps class can be in RIFT compared to other MMO.  The video ends with the tag line "Join Our Horde" taking a nice stab at World of Warcraft.  Which is not the first time they have marketed against WoW.

Source : Kotaku's YouTube.

WTF Internet! Lady Gaga in Farmville Commerical?

Love her or hate her Lady Gaga has made an impact in this world.  Granted I just never though she would make an impact like this.  Farmville is one of the most played casual games out there and now its getting a Gaga makeover to promote her new CD.  I think this commercial is maybe too much.  I wonder if we will see a recation from those guys who did the guitar cover of bad romantic dressed up as rednecks?  Does Zynga really need anymore money? Sigh... WTF Zynga  ...

Navy SEALs Who Got Bin Laden in Modern Warfare 3?

Navy SEALs Who Got Bin Laden in Modern Warfare 3?

This is an article written by Damon Poeter of

Apparently the answer to my question the night of the presidential address "When we will see SEAL Team Six in a Modern Warfare?" was "not too long". The game is slated for a November release and according to a report from kotaku, SEAL Team Six will be featured in the game. The most obvious way to include them would be a raid to take down an Osama-esque individual.

It is speculated that the game will have some very controversial missions included in the campaign. Some of the suggested locations will be New York City and London, England. Both sites of (fairly) recent terrorist attacks.

CoD: MW3 Looks like it will pushing the envelope as far as they can. I'm certainly looking forward to playing the campaign.

Street Fight Legacy Short Film

Since there apparently has not been a Mortal Kombat: Legacy episode this week.  Guess it is time to fill in that hole with the other well know video game fighting franchise Street Fighter.  Stumbling upon this fan film while working on WTF Internet I could have been more intrigued.  The project is a Streetlight Films production, co-directed by Joey Ansah (of The Bourne Ultimatum) and Owen Trevor.  Capcom are said to have "given their blessing" to the film.  If this true or not we will know if the film gets removed from YouTube.  Wikipedia is not the best source of official information on most things.  You can read the whole "press release" over at Joey Ansash site for the movie.  With what was available to these valiant movie makers to work with I think it is a fine short film.  It is by all means not a Hollywood blockbuster budget film.  It shows us that putting your heart and soul into something you cherish makes a far better outcome than all the money in the industry.  200 million dollars does not necessarily make a good film.   The film makes me want to turn on my 3DS, pick Ken and Ryu to finish the fight.

Street Fighter Legacy

Check out the YouTube channel StreetfighterLegacy for some behind the scenes.

Source :

Bandcamp changes the music industry…for the better!!! (I know right!)

If you’re like me you absolutely hate the new MySpace layouts for band pages. They are cluttered with ads, they have a horrible look and are always slow. Bandcamp not only allows you to create an ad-less clean page for your band, but they help you make your music heard…and for money too. It is the best new way for an independent artist to release music and track your progress.

Signing up for Bandcamp is free and only takes a minute or two and its totally worth it. With Bandcamp the artist is in complete control of their music and how people get to it. You can release your music as a single, a compilation, or an album/ep. So if your just starting up as a band and get a two track demo recorded you can put those up and people will hear it. If you have a full-length 10 track album you can release it as an album, and you can release each song independently.

The best part (IMO) is that you can charge whatever you want for your music. You can make a song cost .99 and an album be 8.99. You can even put your music up for free download. OR…you can set a minimum price and let the fan decide how much to pay for your music. Wait, it gets better. You can even decide to enable free download of your music in mp3 but charge…say…a dollar per track for higher quality formats which include WAV, FLAC, AIF, MP3, AAC, and something called Ogg Vorbis.

Your probably thinking…in this day and age of hip hop singles albums will not sell very well and name your own price automatically means free. Well your wrong. On the Bandcamp’s homepage are some staggering statistics. Number one: at Bandcamp albums outsell tracks 5 to 1. That is impressive considering that in the rest of the world (especially iTunes) tracks outsell albums 16 to 1. Number two: on name your price albums fans pay on average 50% more than the set minimum. Also you can sell digital and physical side by side. People can buy your album (in which bandcamp emails you their address and you mail it to your fans) or they can download it. You can even sell merch and apparel on bandcamp.

Another cool feature of Bandcamp is you can track your downloads, plays, and your exposure. Bandcamp allows artists to view line graphs showing how many downloads you have, how many plays per day you’re getting, and best of all how people are stumbling upon your music. That’s right, Bandcamp shows you where your page/music is linked and embedded, and tells you how many of your plays/downloads are attributed to these links and embeds.

As a fan of music bandcamp (other than being a bit tough to navigate searches) is the best way to discover new music both mainstream and independent. You can search by city, state, country, genre, artist, song, album, and even by lyrics. Band pages are awesome in bandcamp. They usually consist of a top banner, songs, albums and discography, show dates, possibly a merch link, and my favorite part…liner notes…this is where the artist can post lyrics or ramble on how the song was written and what inspired it or an album. Bandcamp basically allows artists to connect on a more personal level with fans.

If you still aren’t sure about joining Bandcamp please check out the video below that goes into detail on how Bandcamp does what it does…also visit their features page -

Music Must!: OFWGKTA: Tyler the Creator, Goblin.

So on Tuesday Goblin dropped. This is the sophomore effort of Tyler the Creator, the obvious leader of OFWGKTA(odd future wolf gang kill them all). Goblin is the sequel to his debut "Bastards" in which Tyler continues to meet with the guidance counselor. the intro track "goblin" Tyler starts out by saying "I'm not a f****** role model." the album is filled with might come off as shock value or "horror-core", but throughout the album Tyler makes himself clear that it is anything but that.

Content wise he songs in goblin cover everything from suicide to rape, from murder to drugs, from oral sex to derogatory uses of words towards homosexuals. He mentions/takes shots at Kanye, B.O.B., Hayley Williams, Riahnna AND Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and more.

Music wise you can still tell that Tyler is young. i cant tell if its lack of experience/equipment or on purpose as an effect, but the beats sound crude and over quantized. they also sound a bit too sampled. Also at times the mix is to dry and in other songs the mix's become too wet. I guess my problem with it is that every song sounds like a whole separate sound. the album(other than the tie ins with the counselor) has no flow from song to song. For example "Yonkers," is a very clean mix with good base and a steady beat, and the very next song "Radicals," is very distorted and muddy.

Over all Goblin is a strong follow up to Bastard and hits hard. Believe me it's not just more of the same. Goblin is a lyrical step up and a definite buy. I give goblin an 8.5 out of 10.

If you haven't already seen the video for Yonkers here's the YouTube link.

WTF Internet! Jackie Chan in Street Fighter? Sort of...

Ya.. To contrast yesterdays Mortal Kombat we have a scene from City Hunter.  A live action movie based on a Japanese manga filmed in Hong Kong.  Well most older Jackie Chan movies were filmed in Hong Kong so that is not very surprising but... How often do you get to see him cross dress?  Let alone he is dressed up as Chun-li...  really Jackie ??  This might ruin your view of this Street Fighter II character forever mostly cause of how well he emulates.  WTF Jackie... wtf....sir... This might have you saying #DONOTWANT on twitter before it is over. 

Mortal Kombay: Legacy Ep. 6 Raiden

New Episode is up! So what did you guys think of the new interpretations of these classic characters? Leave a comment?

Source: machinima

Mortal Kombay: Legacy Ep. 5 Kitana & Mileena Part 2

A double post of both episode 5 and 6 today cause we fell behind. This series just keeps getting better. I really feel they need to promote this miniseries more.

Source: machinima

News: It is now illegal to have sex in Florida?!

Well someone just made a big oops... A poorly writing part of a legislation to deal with the growing issue of bestiality in FL?

"An act relating to sexual activities involving animals; creating s. 828.126, F.S.; providing definitions; prohibiting knowing sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal; prohibiting specified related activities; providing penalties; providing that the act does not apply to certain husbandry, conformation judging, and veterinary practices; providing an effective date."

Except from the article here is the definition of animal.

"an·i·mal/ˈanəməl/ Noun: A living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli."

So maybe it might be time to change those travel plans.  Granted this most likely will be fixed or repealed quickly.  Well at least fathers state wide now have a legal way to deal with their daughters high school boyfriend if hes caught red handed.  You can read the whole article complete with baffling logic at

source :

Game Review - Brink Solo PC

Brink is Bethesda's new team objective based FPS. This review will focus on the game's single player missions only for reasons that will soon be revealed. First, some background, Brink is set on a futuristic "utopia" of the Ark. It was originally just a prototype, a proof of concept, of a city that could essentially float on the ocean. This city is designed to hold 5,000 people, roughly. Unfortunately the world experiences massive flooding and this proof of concepts becomes one of the save havens of the world. The city is soon flooded with refugees who live in the slums and have to fight for water while the founders enjoy their sweet luxury up in their resorts.

When the game starts you are presented with two choices, Save the Ark or Escape the Ark; Security and Resistance respectively. Needless to say, given the story, I chose resistance. I then went on to play the single player missions starting with resistance. Within 5 or 10 minutes I am reminded of Team Fortress 2. The game play feels very much like TF2 in that there are objectives and classes you can choose from that you can switch on the fly. Except there are three very distinct differences.

One: The Objective Wheel. I *love* this option. If there is ever a time in a mission that you are not sure what you need to do, hit your mouse button and it will outline it. I do not like how it actually turns your character around for you. A little disorienting at first, but I got used to it eventually. I feel like eventually I would know my way around maps well enough to not need it, and the one thing that worries me about this feature is what it means for community created maps. I hope that there is an easy way for objectives to be marked so that the Objective Wheel functions correctly, otherwise I can see myself wandering around the maps just killin' folks, and that is not the right way to play this game.

Two: This game is immensely story driven. More often than not when I play TF2 I feel like some kid playing a paintball match against a bunch of his friends. However in Brink, you really do feel like a resistance fighter who just left his kids at home to go kill or be killed. I think it adds a lot to the game that I've always felt was lacking in TF2.

Three: The game rewards players with more experience for completing objectives like blowing up doors, hacking into computers, or simply guarding some important place in the map. This, dear god I hope, will prevent the ass-hats who run around just killing every-one despite the fact that it is doing nothing to win you the match (Can you tell I used to PvP in WoW?). This right here is the number one reason I sincerely hope this game fixes its issues and takes off.

Speaking of issues . . . There was a horrible stuttering that effectively turned the game into a slow motion pain in the ass. It lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute or two and it has been experienced by several people. Apparently there is a patch in the works for it. I mainly experienced it in the character customization screen that made cycling through all the options a nightmare. This is why I will not play this game online yet. I can't afford to break another mouse because of lag issues.

The S.M.A.R.T button. This is another one of the huge selling points of this game, the parkour style movement. It lets you climb over obstacles, sprint, leap across gaps. This feature is fantastic, it is a lot of fun and adds some pretty visually interesting movement to watch. Unfortunately I really only found myself using it for anything other than sprinting on the Parkour This! challenge. The actual maps aren't really designed with this feature in mind. I basically used this button to have more fun getting to the fights, but once I heard the gun fire, there was no use for it. I could never really find any tactically advantageous spots that SMART could get me to.

All in all I do not regret buying this game because it has been a decent day or two of fun and I do enjoy playing it despite the problems.

Verdict: Wait. Unless you really want to play it now I would hold off until they get a few more patches that fix the bugs and maybe new/redesigned maps that take advantage of SMART.

Tuesday Top 5 : Things World of Warcraft Could Learn from Rift

Blizzard announced earlier this week that World of Warcraft has lost subscribers since the release of Cataclysm. The major changes to the game are either because of faults within WoW, or the new MMO on the block, Rift. With one of the smoothest and most professional launches to date, Rift is quickly becoming the game to play.
Trion refers to the game as a Dynamic Fantasy MMO. Dynamic isn't a new word to the MMO genre, but how Rift handles it is. Rift borrows from some previous titles. Invasions were tried in Tabula Rasa, and public quests were introduced in Warhammer Online. Various other parts of the game are influenced by past titles, like World of Warcraft and Everquest. Rift just takes everything, throws them into a bowl, and makes a delicious goulash. WoW is still the old dog on the block, but does that mean they can not learn some new tricks? Here are my top 5 elements of Rift that World of Warcraft could learn from.

5) Player base
This, by far, might be the most touchy subject on this list. Playing World of Warcraft since beta, I have seen the game's player base grow and change. With over 11 million people playing, you're bound to find some less than polite players. I feel that one of the major reasons in that drop of quality is the interaction of players in the cross server dungeon finder. Before, you knew who the bad players, loot ninjas and complete rude people were on a server. Now you could be paired up with anyone from a group of servers.
They say being anonymous brings out the worst in people online, and I have seen this often in WoW since the change. More recently, Blizzard has changed how the finder works and tries to pair you with people on your server more-so than before. This, oddly enough, comes out just two months after Rift's launch and that game's push to have communities based around each server.
On a PvP server, I have even come across far less uncouth people than I have in any game to date. As the player base grows, the amount of negative players might also, but with it being a one server setup right now, you will know who they are. Guilds and players will avoid playing with them and they will be either forced to move or reroll. Just because someone can not see your face, does not give you the right to be a complete ass for no reason.

4) Multiple Class Specs
World of Warcraft only has 3 talent trees, while RIFT has many different souls (Talent Trees). In WoW, you can dual-spec, allowing you to switch between 2 of those talent trees. Rift currently allows for 5 different spec choices, and gives far more 'per situation' flexibility.
Since the beta of WoW, I have played a Paladin and remember the days where you had one talent spec and that was it. The player base cried for more so that hybrid classes could tank and heal, or dps and heal, or dps and tank. Maybe you would want to have one setup for player vs player, and one for raiding.
Rift, with it's 5 spec soul system, allows for this far more easily than I believe WoW ever will. How many times have you been short a tank or healer for raid night, and would love that one druid, paladin, or shaman to not dps and heal instead? Blizzard, please, with all the changes from Cataclysm, just give us tri-specing.

3) Player Vs Player
PVP has always been a love/hate relationship in MMOs. Back in the day (in Ultima Online), player killers were feared and hated like the fantasy villains they were. World of Warcraft has reduced PVP to almost being sport-like event. Recently in Rift, I experienced what I missed for years in WoW. While a zone-wide invasion was going on, Defiants were purposefully camping an area to keep Guardians from completing an objective. Soon after, two small armys had formed, and then, like a scene out of a movie, they charged at each other and the masses clashed.
You would see long running back and forth battles like this in WoW back in the original release, typically refereed to as Vanilla WoW. For hours, the Alliance and Horde fought back and forth between Tarren Mill and Southshore. Yes, Rift has battlegrounds, but the game favors world PvP. Where has this world PVP gone in WoW? Blizzard, give back an excuse to go out and raid cities, and stop making the world so SAFE.

2) Graphical Upgrade
After being released over 6 years ago, World of Warcraft is looking dated. The minor graphical upgrades they have done to the environment are helping to make it look better, but this does not change the fact that original player models, NPC models, and some of the items look dated. WoW has used some interesting tricks. Using more detailed textures on the environment and the items distracts you from how bad the geometry of the models is. If you take a bare looking player model from Rift and Wow and place them next to each other, you can see the difference in detail like night and day. Players have been begging Blizzard to give them better models for the game's original races. The character creation tool is also far from acceptable compared to other titles.

1) Dynamic Content
This is the big reason, I feel, more people are joining RIFT. The game is not static and always the same when you log in. I have logged off in a safe little town, only to come back into the middle of a full-on death invasion. How exciting is it to log into a battle? Very! In World of Warcraft, all I have done since I hit 85, the current max level, is chat with people and maybe run some 5 man dungeons. A few days a week, the guild raids dungeons, and then its time to work on different character or log off and play something else.
In Rift though, there just always seems to be something to do. Zone-wide events, invasions, and rift hunting are all things that go beyond basic daily quests. The world doesn't seem as static and safe, like Azeroth has become (in fact it has become boring).
The game hasn't become boring, but the world where it takes place has. In Cataclysm, there is supposed to be a huge feeling of threat and war that I just do not see. Why not have some random Horde or Alliance raids attacking small cites on the borders of each area? With the world unbalanced by the elements, why not have some more events with them attacking randomly? The only time WoW didn't feel stagnant was during big pre-expansion world events. We need more of those, plain and simple. Trion has already done a major world event only a month after release. Granted, the conclusion wasn't what most players expected, but if I have seen anything from Trion, it's that they are trying to learn from their mistakes. I have high hopes that we will see some amazing content from them in the coming year. Hopefully Blizzard can learn as much from their competitors as so many of them have learned from Blizzard.

I would also like to add big thank you to reedit user Tylerdurdon . Who helped me in reediting the article of his own free will.  Check him out on

WTF Internet! Dog Sniffs out a Trap!

What... her panties are still up... IT'S A TRAP! This very odd Japanese commercial has a rather protective dog. The ad is for ether sushi or a restaurant but ether way it is a different way to promote your business. That is one damn smart German Shepard though. Who else wouldn't mind having that dog around? Anyone? I bet that poor guy was damn surprised to find out about his date. Gin no Sara is a sushi deliver company hmm... isn't that rather interesting. Boy the Japanese sure can be weird and make you go WTF....

WTF Internet! cows & cows & cows

I'm not sure what in the world explains this video. No idea what so ever. This is not quiet as strange as the I am your grandma WTF post but close.

I think my brain just broke....

Missing Posts/ Arcticles

Due to technical difficulties with Blogger on Wednesday we have lost server articles from Monday and Tuesday. We apologize for the trouble for anyone being redirected from Digg, Reddit, Facebook or twitter that gets a page not found error. We are working to find a way to restore posts or resubmit them. Again, we apologize about the missing pages.

WTF Internet! Cats in Tanks

Since there was no WTF Internet post on Saturday, due to myself being at Rockfest, I give you a double dose. First off we have cute cuddly evil fuzzballs trying to destroy the human race. Don't like that cute disposition fool you. These cats are pure evil.

Cats in Tanks from Whitehouse Post on Vimeo.

Source: Whitehouse Post

Review: Lake Mungo = The Scariest Movie I Have Ever Seen!

Often when I visit my parents I end up scanning the tube in the basement and taking in the Fearnet channel they have on their digital cable. Usually this channel is full of horrific films that are shot on a shoestring budget, but Lake Mungo is a different story. I am a huge fan of the horror genre, but usually being frightened is not an emotion that is triggered after watching most of these films. But Lake Mungo was very unsettling and made me want to turn on the light everywhere I went.

The film centers around a 16 year girl who drowned and the family coping with the loss. Its shot in documentary style and at first you will question whether or not it is real. Throughout the film unexplained supernatural events begin to take place. The 16 year old girl had a secret that she wanted her family to know.

This film is hands down the scariest film I have ever seen. It makes films like The Ring and Paranormal Activity look like a stroll down Sesame Street. I highly recommend this film to anyone that says they have never been scared by a horror movie. I give this 5 out of 5 empties.

Trailer: Modern Warfare 3 "America Under Siege" Teaser

So just a few months after the release of Homefront we get this? Homefront was a game about a North Korea ocupided western United States. Written by John Milius who also did penned the movie Red Dawn. So EA says Russian's invade the United States? Sound familiar to anyone else. They couldn't have come up with something more original than this? This game series is circling the bowl finally. Now that the real team behind COD4 is no longer part of Infinity Ward we get this... Dice and Battlefield 3 have a perfect chance to take center stage this E3 and take over the FPS genre. See for yourself the rather poor excuse for a trailer they have given to announce this game. This series has run it race and it's time someone put the limping horse down.


WTF Internet! I am your Grandma

You know what... This one is so weird. So completely confounding it makes lady Gaga look normal? I'm just going to put the video up for you guys to watch and comment on. I've got nothing...

Source : JillianMayer

Trailer: Iron Sky - NAZI'S FROM SPACE!

Randomly came across the trailer for a upcoming 2012 movie release.  It is short, to the point and weird as hell.  I am all for alternate time line movies but this one makes me scratch my head.  A very ballsy idea for a indy film.  This year we get Transformers: Dark side of the moon and in 2012 we get Nazi's from the dark side of the moon.  Anyone else just find that odd?  Both trailers leave me with a sense that this movie not only will be bad but perfect fodder for being made fun of.  The headquarters on the moon looks like it belongs on planet Spaceball.  Take a look for yourself but consider yourself warned.

Teaser Trailer 3

Teaser Trailer 1

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Game Trailer: Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011

A new trailer with game footage of the new Dragon Ball Project has surfaced.  They have once again overhauled the game engine and graphics it seems.  Though it reminds me of ever other DBZ game that has been released.  Details about how different it may be from previous titles might come from E3 this year.  Overall this trailer is just underwhelming.


WTF Internet! Thor Star has a Conan bonner?!

What can I say about this but... most awkward interview ever.  I love Conan since his switch to TBS.  He is easily the master of late night talk shows.  Nothing can make up for the random weird place this interview went. Ya, sorry guys I have nothing more to say about this.


WTF Internet! Firefox Has Encountered a Problem With Windows!?

To continue with yesterdays animal WTF Internet tribute we have a fox.  Not just any fuzzy cute animal but a crazy Russian fox.  Who when encounters this window feels the instinct to lick it.  Did the owners of the house put some kind of substance on the outside to attract the fox.  Was there some food the cameraman was holding and the fox just wanted a little nibble?  We here at Geek Switch have no idea what so ever.  None of us are able to speak Russian.  If someone out there can understand what is going please give us an email at First a transforming owl and now a window licking fox what will we find next?

Russian Licking Fox ?!

Under Appreciated Artist of the day.(Manafest)

Would you believe me if I told you I came across this guy on a Christian radio station of all places? Manafest, a rapper from Toronto,Ontario was discovered by the band Thousand Foot Krutch back in 2001 and has been gaining momentum ever since.The song posted below,No Plan B only has 150,000 hits which re-enforces my point that this artist is greatly under appreciated.A guy with lyrical and vocal talent like this should have views in the millions at this point in his career. Check out the songs Avalanche and Fire in the kitchen on YouTube and help get this guy noticed!

Video provided by YouTube

News: Microsoft Buys Skype!

Well there goes the neighborhood...

From All Things Digital
"The Wall Street Journal reported earlier tonight that Microsoft–in what would be its most aggressive acquisition in the digital space–was zeroing in on buying Skype for $8.5 billion all in with an assumption of the Luxembourg-based company’s debt."

The big surprise here is that Microsoft and not Google is the one buying out Skype. I have been using Skype for quite some time so I wonder how this is going to change the free structure of the program. Perhaps we will see integration into Microsoft Live Messanger. Either way, this comes as a shock to many people, including myself. Microsoft may finally have competition for Google voice. You can check out all the details and information leading up the buyout at All Things Digital.

Source : All Things Digital.

Under Appreciated Artist of the day. (Patrick Stump formerly of FallOut Boy)

It seems to me that Patrick Stump,the former lead singer of Fallout Boy, is doing just fine without the band. This guy has an amazing natural talent that people seem to have forgotten since the break up of FOB. It's artists like stump that really deserve to be listened to, not only because of their vocal talent, but also because of their ability to connect with an audience. Check him out in the video below

Video provided by

Review: Mortal Kombat (Xbox 360, PS3)

Let me start by saying that I am far from being an expert on fighting games. Over the years I have played Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken, but the first “fighting game” I owned, was Super Smash Bros. Needless to say, I'm not what you might call “good” at traditional fighting games. No, you'd probably say “terrible” or “worthless.”
Going into Mortal Kombat I was understandably apprehensive. I've been a gamer for long enough that the series' history with the ESRB and all the series' in jokes are in my subconscious. All that in mind, entering the series as a relative newcomer seems daunting.
The first thing you'll notice is that the game is exploding with content. Single player mode alone includes a full story mode, classic tournaments, and a 300 level challenge tower. The game also offers online play and up to four player local matches. I quickly jumped into the story mode eager to learn what makes Mortal Kombat a fan favorite.
Starting the campaign mode is alot like the beginning of a movie. The plot, which is a retelling of the events of the first three games, plays out in cheesy, but well made, cut scenes. Though the plot is ridiculous at times, I found it interesting enough to keep my attention.
The plot shifts perspectives between characters every chapter and when that character gets into a fight the play finally gets to step in and control them. Outside of the actual fighting the game is very cut scene based . There are no load screens. There is no menu outside of the fights. Players aren't even given the option to pause between fights. It's annoying at times but it does a great job of making the player feel like they're acting out a role in a film.

WTF Internet! Transforming Owl!

I honestly cannot say that looking at an owl has ever made me shutter,but something about this video just creeps me out. In order to defend itself from larger birds the owl puffs up and makes itself seem more threatening.Personally, I would never want to bump into this guy in a dark alley. Youtube is known more for their huge selection of cuddly cat and dog videos, not disturbing/foreboding animals like this one.

Trailer : Brink Launch

Tonight at midnight the highly anticipated shooter,Brink launches in stores nationwide. Many of the Gamestop locations around the country will be hosting midnight release events for the game. Will you be joining the resistance or fight for the Arks security forces? I will be picking it up on PC and will post an in-depth review later this week.

Trailer : Final Destination 5 (Updated)

Much like many other movies in the horror genre,the Final Destination series just won't die.The first movie in the Final Destination series offered a very unique new take on horror films. With the recently announced addition of Final Destination 5 it's starting to feel like New Line Cinema is beating a dead horse.The time and money the producers spent on this new installment could have and should have been used to fund,new and fresh movie ideas. The trailer states that the rules of the game have changed.What does the studio mean by this? To me it seems as though the studio is trying to reel a new crop of suckers into the series. I'm having a hard time seeing how this addition is much different than the other movies. Instead of running from death itself,now the characters have to run from each other? So in the end everyone is still running from death in some way.I personally hope this movie spells the end of a series that has long over stayed its welcome.

Seems that New Line Cinema didn't like having a trailer leaked on the internet and has been taken down. For those who had the chance to see it congratulations, and for the people still waiting in "anticipation" we will be posting it on Geekswitch as soon as it is back up.

2D Glasses for 3D Movies!?

So your friends love going to 3D Movies but they give you headaches or you don't like the effects? Don't want to miss out on that midnight showing or you have to persuade your friend to go to a 2D showing of the Film? Then this is a product that you might want to consider. Sam Rudge is the inventor of new glasses that will "take the headache out of 3D". These new glasses allow the viewer to go to 3D movies with their friend,while the individual can enjoy it in 2D at the same time.The one drawback to using these glasses is, that they will not work on 3D IMAX screens because they utilize a different type of 3D technology. Granted this is a very unique and innovative product, I only know a few people that have any issues with 3D movies.Giving options to people who do is a great concept though. I feel that 3D movie technology,including the glasses have grown leaps and bounds over the last several years. With shipping the glasses are only costing me $9.99 a pair via That price is far below the price of some home 3D theater glasses. Check out Sam Rudge's site and see what you think.

Source :

WTF Internet! Ducktape + Camera + Sword = One Crazy Idea!

What happens when you take duck tape a camera to a sword and give it to trained but rather bored people?  This video that's what.  The recording is almost able to cause someone motion sickness.   The video starts with a the staying of  "A crazy idea was born".  That is putting things mildly.  I don't think I ever wanted to see this kind of perceptive from a sword.  Partly cause it feels like its nearly impossible to tell how the sword is moving from this view.  It's Mothers day so I figured doing something short and simple today.  Still it is rather different video and short as it is still confounds me.

Source : ryrlen's YouTube

Games : Rift Updates Roleplay Server Name Policy

Trion has listened to its community and is going to be changing and enforcing a different name police on it s RP servers. Considering that I play on a RP-PVP server this makes me rather happy.  I haven't ever really been a heavy roleplayer in any MMO but I do enjoy the servers.  They tend to have far more respectful players and interesting player events.  It does kind of take you out of the world when you see someone running around with the name L33TRogue or Ilike2tank.  I have seen all sorts of variations on "Leet" speak and bad name puns across so many different MMOs.  Now if Trion keeps to their word and enforces this new police that as an example : 

Names that refer to pop culture icons or personas (e.g. "McLovin", "Kylebroflovski", "Catwoman") may be found in violation if they do not also have a corresponding basis in RIFT, its people, its history, its characters, or its setting. 

They also go on that "leet speak" or "Dudespeak" will not be allowed as well.  They are covering all the bases including.

"Comprised of partial or complete sentences that are obviously out of place (e.g., "Getpwned", "Luvtodance", etc), though compound names that are fitting of RIFT, its people, the actions taken therein, and its setting are acceptable. Compound names are an important and valid part of every fiction, and ours is no different."

I can tell you this change does make me rather happy.  It will be nice to escape a long day at work in Telara and have to deal with less morons.  Mostly cause I think most players would rather reroll, transfer or give up a game when they are forced to chance from there "amazingly creative name that they think is awesome"  than change it to something more fitting a RP server and the world.  Bravo Trion, bravo!  You can read the whole police change post over at Rifts official forums.

Source :

Rumor News: New Dragon Ball Z game in 2011?

G4tv has just released some news about a new DBZ game.  The article says that it will be a "a never-before-seen Dragon Ball game."  Set to be released fall 2011 by Namco Bandai it seems that the timing of this game is rather odd.  Dragon Ball Z Kai in Japan didn't get renewed for the Buu sage and DBZ fever is sort of back.  The game is supposed to be on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and after the last game Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 a change of pace would be good for the series.  Frankly most of the DBZ fighting games have been more or less the same since the PlayStation 2.  Only changing the mechanics of the game or the camera angle.  Hopefully we will get something fresh from Nameco Bandai.  You can read the article on G4's website here.

Source :

Game Trailer: Hawken - The newst mech game you've never heard of!

Every time I watch this footage I still do not belive that it an indie game. When I think of a what is considered a indie game I tend to think of more 2D, pixel or simple art based games. There are a few games out there such as The Ball that are more detailed than most indie titles. The secound thing that blows my mind about this team and this game is that it's what I have been waiting for, a Mech game. Giant robots games have been few and far between since I would say the early 2000's. Most of the time you recently you get a first person shooter that ether has a level/area with a mech scene. That is it, now full games but just a little taste of what we have been missing.

In the 90's there was this wonderful series called MechWarrior. You took a 30-100 ton giant robot and did battle with it. The games felt like you were moving this giant powerful walking tank, cause that's what they where. The games had a decent ongoing story and a sense of power that you just didn't get with some games of that era.

I can already here some people out there saying but you forgot about the Armored Core series. Well I haven't cause Hawken the game coming out is more like MechwWarrior than third person shooter. Reguardless I have high hopes for this same but amazing team of game makers at Adhesive Games. Please bring back big mech games in a big way! 

Source : Adhesive Games.

WTF Internet! Epic Rap Battles in History : Einstein vs Hawking

Tonight I'm giving you a double posting of WTF Internet!  Few days ago I linked the Vader vs Hitler battle from .  This time I'm going to share one that makes me smile no matter how many times I see or hear it.  The insualts they come up with in these videos are amazing.  Makes me wonder how much hard work goes into each video.  How many lines and insults don't get used and what the outtakes must be like.  There are some behinds the scenes videos on the site but I'm sure we will get a dvd at some point.  The costume desgins again are top notice for how quickly they put these videos out now.  Two a month is what they are striving for.  So I wonder who the next video will be between.  In the meantime enjoy this video and watch the other rap battles on Youtube.

Epic Rap Battles in history Albert Einstein Vs Stephen Hawkling

Source :

Saturday Night Anime! Tiger and Bunny Ep.6

Another week has passed and it's time for more anime super hero action. This has quickly become one of my favorite shows this spring.  It is just something different that what is currently being present on American T.V. right now.  It is really starting to remind me of  a buddy cop show as well.  Normally the younger guy gets stick as the side kick but not in Tiger and Bunny.  Check out Viz Anime and Hulu to catch up on the series. 

Source : Viz Anime, Hulu

Judge Dredd Reboot picture leaked? (Updated)

This picture just showed up on my twitter via Angry Joe over at Blistered Thumbs.  I can't believe how much more bad ass he looks than Stalone.  The colors on the costume seem to be darker and the helmet seems to fit more like it does in the comic. Does this mean we are going to see a teaser trailer here soon?  This is a reboot I am looking forward too cause like the recent trailer for Conan studios now days seem to understand we want gritty films.  We want them to be harsh and closer to the source material.  Dark Knight may have a hand in them coming to this conclusion.  So here's hoping it is all that and more rather than a bad joke of "I AM THE LAW!"  If you haven't see the other version of Judge Dredd just save yourself the time and read the comic and wait.

Update : I have been informed by reader that it has been out for few months.  I don't think thought the picture is that well known to people out there though.  It apparently hasn't been confirmed as a legit picture, yet.  Ether way I haven't seen it and I know more than a few people who haven't ether.  Such is the twitterverse and it's random ways.  So if you have seen the picture good if you haven't here you are!

Source: Angry Joe's Twitter, Blast-o-Rama

WTF Internet! Lady Gaga. Bad Romance. Four-handed guitar version ?!?!

In honor of Lady Gaga's special on HBO tonight I give you two redneck looking guys playing Bad Romance together... on one guitar. Is his beard epic enough to make this video not suck.  I mean I can understand costumes or normal clothes but I don't think Gaga's fan base typical looks like they could be from the movie Deliverance.  the sleeveless flannel shirt and camo ford hat are a nice touch.  Though one of the big things lady Gaga preaches is not to judge on such stereotypes.  If you dig deeper into both guys YouTube's you find out they are just dressing up for this video.  Why?  Cause two guys dressed up in such a way singing that song so close will get far more attention than just normal clothes.  So yes, his beard, singing and guitar playing are epic enough.  Good job both of you but it still makes me got WTF!

Free Comic Book Day!

Today is Free Comic day at your local shop.  So stop in get some free comics maybe some titles you normally wouldn't get.  Maybe you a Marvel lover that would never get an issue of Superman or Batman...but since its free why not and vice versa for DC lovers.   Getting turned on to new characters and stories from comics you normally would buy or if you've been away from comics for a few years.  This is the day to do it.  So go out,  hit the store and shop around.  Please do browse the not free merchandise they have as well cause supporting your local comic shops is how they stay in business.

Dynamic MMO Rift - Patch 1.2 Preview!

Seems that the guys over at RIFT have put a preview of patch 1.2 Spoils of War. A follow up to the recent in game world event of 1.1 that didn't end so well. So a fitting title and might last longer than the last world event.  Every time I log back into RIFT I quickly forget about that other big name MMO that I've payed for years.  So what does Trion have instore for this new content and patch just over 2 months since launch.

Whats new in this patch 1.2?
  • SLIVERS: The Planar Goods merchants in Meridian and Sanctum now sell any Ascended the power to view slivers – Omen Sight for Guardians and Quantum Sight for Defiant. These new abilities allow you to discover entrances to alternate time streams, including the way to the Gilded Sanctum, a raid instance intended for 10 players. 
  • You may now purchase a 5th role at your Calling trainer!  
  • new Looking for Group tool helps you band together with other Ascended.  
  • CRAFTING RIFTS: Lures for Crafting Rifts are obtained by completing the new weekly crafting quests. These rifts drop raw materials, augments, and other goodies for crafters. Reaching the final stages gives a chance of obtaining an additional plaque! 
  • Across-the-board improvements for PvP rewards and dailies.
  • Many bosses (especially in Expert Dungeons) have had a pass done to bring them in line with their intended difficulty and to make them more fun for melee-damage characters. 
  • Many improvements to Auction House UI. 
  • Use Appearance Slots to set up outfits that display regardless of what you wear for stats. 
  • Facebook integration lets you post updates and screenshots from Telara to your wall.        

I can say for a fact that the things I'm looking forward to the most are the Dungeon Finder/LFG Tool.  It has some similarity to the World of Warcraft LFG tool but not cross server and only 3 rewards per day vs the 7 per week with WoW now.  Also the appearance tool is something that I felt wow has needed for years that other MMOs have adopted.  The crafting RIFTS do have me curious as well as the Facebook integration.  I've read some previews where they will be releasing special hats and armor sets that do nothing stat wise but make you look cool as hell.  I bet the Role play servers are going to be dancing in the streets about that one.  The addition of raid content doesn't matter much to me yet cause I haven't maxed out a character just yet.  Also with 1.2 they will be starting a refer-a-friend program so those who are still iffy about trying the game and leaving Azeroth will be tempted.


Is Valve a game developer anymore?

Is essentially the question asked in this article by Robert Purchese.
There is certainly a strong argument there since Valve has not released a game that was created internally, that is, by a team/developer who was not working for Valve before they began, for quite some time. Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2 were both released in October of 2007, almost half a decade ago.
Mr. Purchese wants to attribute this to the fact that Valve has started spending their resources on Steam instead of developing games. While this may be true to an extent, I don't really think that is the case. Valve has a long and documented history of only releasing a game "when it's ready". Development on Half-Life 2 started in 1999 and wasn't released until 2004. Team Fortress 2 took almost 9 years to create. Steam wasn't released until 2003 so this pattern was established before Steam was launched. Right now we are sitting at about the 3.5 year mark since the last true Valve game and I don't really find that too out of the ordinary. So I will go ahead and say that yes, Valve is still the same game developer it was back in the 90's, a perfectionist studio dedicated to releasing only high quality product.
However, assuming it gets to year 8 or 10 or even 15 before we see Half-life 3 or if they flat out announce that no Valve game will ever be released again. My love for them as a company will not diminish at all. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that Valve and Steam are single-handedly saving PC gaming. Many studios are shying away from PCs, Lionhead comes to mind immediately, because of how easy it is to pirate games, and how hard it is to create DRM that both doesn't suck and still protects the IP of the studios. Steam has a distribution system that protects the companies that put out the games and the people who pay for them.
I love my PC and I love gaming on it. Better graphics and performance, better community and the HUGE amount of mods that are out there make it a great platform for enjoying games, and even if Valve never releases another game that I can enjoy, they have made damn sure that I will be enjoying PC games for a very long time, and for that I will always respect them.

Trailer : Brink Parkour Tour Trailer!

This trailer shows the a possible change to how multiplayer focused first person shooters are made. Brink reminds me Team Fortress 2 with a nice mix of Mirrors Edge. Not familiar with these two game? TF2 is a class based team based FPS made by Valve and incredible balanced and loved by the gaming community. Mirrors Edge was more or less a parkour first person platformer that was underwhelming in sales but still a very interesting game. Parkour is also know as free running a new street sport. Now where does this all fit into the new game Brink. Well it takes the heavy move anywhere parkour and mixes with that class based mutliplayer of Team Fortress 2. This trailer show some game play mixed with two free runners in a city in Europe. Intriguing as it is to see the real first person footage of the free running in between it in game. You can see our full review of Brink after it's released May 10th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Enjoy