My Adventures in Cooking: Chocolate Ramen

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, but I've been incredibly busy this past month: second semester of grad school, moved into my own place, and started a new job.

Since I now have to fend for myself, money's been on the tight side, so I found a website for 50 recipes for ramen. On the list, was Chocolate Ramen. I like chocolate, I like ramen. What could go wrong? I found a better recipe on this site, and decided to give it a go.

I followed the instructions exactly. I boiled the ramen and the sugar together in a sauce pan for three minutes:

I drained most of the water, leaving behind what I thought was "a small amount". Then, I added the chocolate syrup, vanilla, and whipped cream:

End result: Disgusting. I could barely eat three bites of it before I gave up and just ate the whipped cream. The rest went into the trash.

The entire recipe was bad. First, the chocolate syrup. While good in milk and ice cream, it was the wrong thing to use. It was too artificial-tasting. Instead, REAL chocolate (in the form of chocolate chips or baking chocolate) would have been much better. Secondly, eating it while it was still warm. Once it cooled off, it was a bit more edible, but not enough to make me eat much more than a couple bites. Third, drain ALL the water. The "small amount" I left behind just made it soupy. I also would have just boiled the ramen in water, then added the brown sugar with the chocolate, instead of draining it away.

Final score: 3/10, and that's after it tasted better once it cooled off.

I doubt I'll be making this again anytime soon. I need to forget the awful taste in my mouth first. But if I ever do get the urge to make it, I'll make sure to change the recipe so as not to repeat that horrible mistake.

Game Trailer: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - A new world

With the game about a week away check out another wonderful trailer for this upcoming Fantasty RPG!

Game Trailer: Renegade X

One of the best looking mods for a game since Counter Strike hit the market! A Fan faithful remake of the C&C Renegade game from 2002. The first FPS outing for the franchise! This Unreal Tournament mod has been taken to the next level with a new single player mini-campaign that doesn't need Unreal Tournament 3 to run like it does now. This means all new version going forward will be standalone downloads and shows what someone can really do with the Unreal Dev kit that Epic games freely gives out!

The stand alone Renegade X is out now. You can find it here!

Trailer: Game Of Thrones Season 2: "Shadow" Tease

The biggest joke of all is when season 2 of Game of Thrones is premiering.... April 1st, 2012! I can not wait for this season and the return of one of the best shows on cable!

No Monday Posts

Sorry for no post this Monday, Dante was out sick.

Game Trailer: Mass Effect 3 | Special Forces Multiplayer Trailer

3-6-2012 can not get here soon enough. After replaying Mass Effect 2 I am very much ready for the end fight. Then those crazy masterminds at Bioware drop this trailer into our lap and I get even more excited. The co-op multiplayer looks to be more important than I could have expected. It looks more of story based than just another "horde mode" tack on that you have seen with a lot of newer games. This makes me wonder what I am going to play when it comes out and how it fits into the main single player story.

Game Trailer: Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer

IGN gives us a short and sweet CG trailer that announces the new Fall 2012 release date of Gearboxes new game. A true sequel to Aliens is what this game is being called but the trailer does give off that feel. What happen to those marines is a question people have wanted to know since the third and very so so movie came out. Now we get to know.

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings 360 Trailer!

One of the best PC exclusive fantasy games is finally coming to 360. Means it won't be PC only anymore but it is a game worth sharing to another gamer audience!

This also happens to be the best CG Trailer I have seen so fair this year. Maybe the best since the Star Wars the Old Republic and Assassins Creed Revelations that came out in 2011!

Big Crits - Stoneybaby's Retirement

Stoneybaby is stepping down as a hardcore raid leader, Big Crits Reality show producer, GM and has become more of a mafia boss than GM! You can hear more about this in his retirement video here or on episode 29 of the Geek Switch Podcast were we have an exit interview with the man behind the Show!

The guild is still growing. With a hardcore progression team still in World of Warcraft and now in Star Wars the Old Republic! Who knows what other game we will start to conquer! You will still be able to get updates on the progress of us in the weekly Big Crits report via our podcast!

The Geek Switch Podcast Episode 28

Hey Internet, we're back extra early for a midweek Geek Switch Podcast! On Episode 28, Robin, Furi, Dante, Joe, and I talk SOPA/PIPA, Steampunk, PSMove Controllers in shooters, guilty pleasure movies/TV shows, and a lot more. Sadly, there is no Big Crits Report this episode, with StoneyBaby stepping down from Big Crits this week, but we will have StoneyBaby on the next episode to fill you in on what's happening in his own words. Until next week, keep it switched on!

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Funny Video: Doctor BLU Meets the Dragonborn

A nice little machinima where The Team Fortress 2 version of the Doctor meets and battles the TF2 version of the Skyrim Dragonborn. Yes there is an arrow to the knee joke...

WTF Internet !?! Ben Heck - Hot Pocket 360 controller Holder

Ben Heckendorn is best known for the crazy mod maker that makes systems like the 360 into portable. Hes made a 360 laptop, hand held Atari and so many more. This time he may have gone a little past crazy. WTF.... a HOT POCKET HOLDER?! This is a crazy complicated really contraption for making the gamer even more lazy. The time and effort that went into this idea, making it and finishing it basically is outrageous. He is a mad engineer if anything and this proves it. We still love the fact he does crazy ass shit like this but seriously, What The F***! I love Revision 3, it evolution of Tech TV!

Game Trailer: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

This trailer is out thanks to Sony! The first Major next gen Doctor Who game ever! Far better looking than those silly F2P "MMO" and the terrible PC game! What are we getting though? Doctor Metroid WHo! Somehow I am not that upset with that. I would have hoped for more of a L.A. Noir type game, a 3rd person adventure with high quality. Maybe this will be crap or awesome!

Funny Video: I'm Sexy and I Know it He-Man Mash up Dance Party

He-Man is back and he's dancing the night away. He's Sexy and He knows it!!! This is about as screwed up and wonderful as the He-Man Blondie video from years back! I mean who has the time to combine this popular song and think.. Hmm He-man would make a good mash up for that!


Video: Wheatley Puppet

By far one of the best cosplay/puppets I have ever seen for a video game! Hands down.
Portal 2 is seen by many as one of the best games of the year and a full talking puppet of the main supporting character / villain is awesome!

The Geek Switch Top 10 Games of 2011

Last year was packed to the brim with great games and the Geek Switch Staff has been hard at work trying to give attention to everything. But now we've had time to digest and collect our thoughts and we're back with our collective top 10 games of 2011. It was a tough decision process for many of us, with some of our personal favorites not making the final list, but we present it now in our editors own words.

10. Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
From the new weapon and grenade upgrades, to the expanded cities, Assassins Creed: Revelations is a great game for 2011. It has new multiplayer modes including: CTF, tower defense, story-oriented quests, and deathmatch. It also has a great new story that you would expect from any Assassin game. This is the best Assassin game yet, and the game is playable in full 3D, which is even better.
Written by Nick Gunkel

9. Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Nintendo Wii)
One of 2011's incredible entries into the platformer genre was Kirby's Return to Dreamland. This installment offers the traditional Kirby gameplay you know and love while also throwing in 4 player co-op and, in a throwback to Super Star on the SNES, a number of independent mini-games that utilitze the Wii's motion controls. The main game sees you traversing a plethora of fun and diverse stages, while optionally gathering a number of nonessential items, some of which are well-hidden or require a sharp wit to solve puzzles. The game is, in this reviewer's opinion, the strongest Kirby game released to date, and is an absolute blast to play with friends.
Written by Colin Elving

8. Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS)
Easily one of the best Super Mario games ever made.  The elements of Mario 64 and New Super Mario Brothers built into a 3d game. This is the title that will sell systems for Nintendo and I think they know it.  I don’t think anyone can ever out do Miyamoto in making a platformer like this.  We talk about instant classics and games we will love for years.  This is one of of those titles.  If you don’t already own a 3DS but you love Mario games, this is your reason to buy one!
Written by Dante

7. Dead Island (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
In a year crowded with big budget sequels, Dead Island may have been the biggest surprise. Putting aside the infamously misleading trailer and rocky launch, Dead Island is just, simply put, a lot of fun to play. Developer Deep Silver, previously known for the Call of Juarez series, combines the best elements of Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2, and Borderlands into the definitive zombie survival game.With a deep weapon modification system, interesting and surprisingly varied environments, and a lengthy campaign featuring up to four played co-op, Dead Island is one zombie outbreak you won't want to miss.
Written by Tony Livingston

6. Rayman Origins (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)
Rayman Origins is best described as a delightful cartoony romp through dozens of visually stunning stages, some of which will put even the most grizzled of platforming veterans to the test. Origins has a flow to it that encourages you to be constantly on the move, and the level design is streamlined without being overly simple. The game also has a sense of humor, not only in the visual design, but a great soundtrack that always sets a fitting mood for the stages you're dashing through. Once you've finished the (actually quite lengthy) campaign, there's also plenty of replay value in collecting hidden items and time attack modes for all the stages. It also has 4 player co-op, so there's that.
Written by Colin Elving

5. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Uncharted 3 does two things better than any other game this year: huge impressive set pieces and linear storytelling. On one hand, you've got a games that blows most action movies out of the water, with Drake running through a burning building, surviving a plane crash, and escaping a sinking ship without ever taking control away from the player. On the other hand, you've got a game the respects its narrative with fantastic writing, excellent performances, and small, intimate moments that make it's characters feel more like old friends than bundles of polygons. Speaking of polygons, Uncharted 3 may also be the best looking console game to date. In short, Uncharted 3 continues to prove why the Uncharted series is the single best reason to own a PlayStation 3.
Written by Tony Livingston

3. (Tie) Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Maybe it didn't win the sales battle V.S. Modern Warfare 3 but it did rate higher.  Having a cut and paste single player campaign didn't help much but that has never been the strong point of the series.  Battlefield has been known for multiplayer and does it far better than the competition. Bigger and better with vehicles, open maps, breath taking visuals BF3 trumps everyone in this way.  Yes, more people are playing MW3, but the game does look dated and really is the same game as the last few. However, I can see people playing BF3 even after the next Call of Duty game comes out just as people are still playing Battlefield 2142.... which was released in 2006!  So yes it was one of my favorite games of the year and I am still playing it.
Written by Dante

3. (Tie) Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)
Epic is back with Gears of War 3, the ending of the Gears of War trilogy. Although the original release date in April was pushed back to September, it was worth the wait. Just like the first two games, this is just pure fun to play. You get to chainsaw people to pieces, blow them to smithereens with an explosive crossbow, and even punch people with a grenade so hard that it sticks. But this game has more. The new guns with the smoother gameplay make it a great game. The horde mode is back, and even better. With a money system, it’s more strategic, then just survival. This game is playable in 3D, which is becoming common. There are many additions to this game, and they all make this a very fun game to play.
Written by Nick Gunkel

2. Portal 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
I'm a little bit of a newbie to GeekSwitch and being an advocate of not spending a mass of money on games right at launch it stands to reason that I would have missed out on any of the new titles that launched this year.  This is fortunately not true.  I got to play Portal 2 and given the other games that came out this year in a physical form, I consider it the best game of the year from this list.  For one, it's not a shooter.  Two, Chell, is an awesome female character who doesn't simper or lose bits of clothing before even showing up on screen.  Three, it makes the people playing it think in more than just the best way to be better than their other friends playing, even creating a couple headaches and potential trips to YouTube to find a solution for that one puzzle that just seems impossible.  I never thought physics puzzles would have kept my attention as well as they did.  With the addition of a co-op mode with two personality-ridden (much to GLaDOS's dismay) robots you and a friend got to tackle puzzles that could only be completed as a duo.  Fun if you have a patient friend you communicate well with but not suggested when you're split screening and your cohort is within striking distance.  Overall a great game to stretch a bit of your brain muscle that has been dormant with the other releases this year.
Written by Robin Moore

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
If you've been paying even the slightest attention this year, you're no doubt aware of the praise being heaped upon Bethesda's latest installment in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. Being from a fan of the series, especially Morrowind, I can say that it absolutely deserves it. The sheer amount of content that has been packed into the game is stunning, especially considering it was designed to all fit on a single DVD. The gameplay has been streamlined and improved from the previous installments, doing away with the cumbersome statistics and level-up system of Morrowind and Oblivion and replacing them with an intuitive perk system that bestows far more immediate and interesting benefits on the character that you want to build. The combat is also far more involved, encouraging you to make decisions about what to do with your left and right hand rather than just getting a shield and attacking until your opponent falls. On top of the gameplay changes, the game's new engine allows for a major graphical improvement over both Oblivion and the recent Fallout games, and new mods are being released on the PC version every day that improve the visuals even more. The game's only major flaw is that it's riddled with bugs. While the vast majority of these are harmless(and hilarious), the most severe are also being fixed all the time.
Written by Colin Elving

Game Trailer: Resident Evil 6

Well Seems that Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy return to Resident Evil with what may be the final story in this series. That or it might be the lead into a trilogy? That does seem to be the path a lot of companies have been taking as of late. The charicters look a bit more mobile than they were in previous titles and the boring partner play of 5 seems to be gone. Hopefully this will be the needed restoration of this series that it desperately needs.

Game Trailer: Star Wars the Old Republic - Upcoming Patch Video

Finally we find out wtf that Legacy system really is! More pvp fun, more customization, and more story coming to SWTOR!!

Source: GamesRader

The Geek Switch Podcast Episode 27 featuring The Big Crits Report "Da Crew" Edition

Hey Internet, we're back a little early this week with Episode 27 of the Geek Switch Podcast! This week, Dante, Robin, Furi, Joe, and I discuss Science Fiction vs Fantasy, women in geekdom, geek parody porn, and much more. We also get an email from an old friend. If you'd like to be our friend and write us an email too, the address is below.

This week we also have a special Da Crew Edition of the Big Crits Report with Furioso. For those who don't know, Da Crew is a lower tier raiding group in Big Crits. Also, there will be two episodes next week so make sure to keep your browser set to Geek Switch. Until next week, keep it switched on!

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Editorial: MegaUpload Shut Down

One day after the SOPA Protest Blackout, MegaUpload and it's partner sites have been shut down by the federal government, according to articles by Digital Spy and TorrentFreak. The data centers, housing the servers, in the Netherlands and Canada were raided. Among those arrested were Kim Dotcom, the site's founder, and Julius Bencko, the graphic designer. Anonymous retaliated, taking down the MPAA and RIAA sites (which have now been re-established).

Pardon me while I stand on my SOPA-box for a second. I agree that piracy is bad; when Bandai announced it was shutting down production, my heart went out to those whose jobs were impacted by it. However, when the FBI goes out of their way to raid storehouses in three countries, and arrest the graphic designer, that goes too far. Especially because if SOPA and PIPA do pass, we will see a lot more of these cases pop up and a lot more sites shut down. Including this one.

WTF Internet !?! FDR American Badass! REDBAND TRAILER !

To keep going with today's odd movie trailer selection I give you FDR American Badass. A gun wielding, polo hating, Nazi werewolf killing President!

Trailer: Resident Evil Retribution - Teaser Trailer [HD]

Really I can't believe there's another one coming out.  This one doesn't look half bad, or half good ether.  They have become their own stories and very far from the original game based stories from basically day 1.  So they should be treated as its own thing I guess.  A lot of Sony advertising in it though...  ALSO wtf is the TRON Legacy soundtrack doing in this trailer!!!!!

Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0 Trailer

The ultimate Nintendo Fanboy flash game is back. The orginal had you playing Super Mario Bros. for NES with other charicters from systems catalog of games. Such as Link(Legend of Zelda), Samus (Metroid), Ryu (Ninja Gaiden) and more. The new 2.0 version adds in 16 bit graphics and gameboy as well some new characters.

Link to the Future Fan Film

To explain how screwed up the Legend of Zelda time line is you need Doc Brown! Back of the Future mashed up with Zelda in this fan film and its sequel.

Found this thanks to the mention of it from The AVGN Mag 2012 panel! You can watch that here!

Video: TRON: UPRISING 2011 Comic-Con extended Preview

I know this is old but it does give a few more minutes of concept art that the original video released online did not. I am still excited for this show even though it has been rather quiet. We know the actors are recording and that is about it. Summer 2012?

Funny Video: Hat Cat

This is the cutest thing you will watch all day. I've heard of shoulder cats but not one that rests on your head/headset watching you game.

The Geek Switch Podcast Episode 26 featuring The Big Crits Report

Hey Internet, we're back with another exciting episode of the Geek Switch Podcast! This week, Robin, Furi, Dante, and I are joined by Joe from OnePerCase.Net to talk about the site, as well as the 3DS Resurgance, PSVita's slow sales, classic Sci-Fi movies, and much more. Stick around after the break, as usual, for the Big Crits Report with StoneyBaby. Until next week, keep it switched on!

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Really NOT safe for work...

I have no idea what the flying fuck these people were smoking or sniffing when they made this commercial. On a wtf level it tops ANYTHING Old Spice has ever done combined.

I would like to point out the Conan glasses boomerang guy.. does eat the pizza... even after ALL it did.... like cut off a penis...



Minecraft 1.1 Update is out now!

News: Risk Factions is now on Facebook!

That is right the fun console/ PC version of RISK is now on Facebook. Compete with Cat army and all!

Game Trailer: SWTOR - Kaon Under Siege - Content Update

This is a trailer for the new patch content update for Star Wars The Old Republic. New love for the level 50s and more tweaks to the game! January 17 needs to get here sooner!

Source: Kotaku

WTF Internet !?! Old Spice - Blown Mind

What happens when another Old Spice commercial is directed by by Tim and Eric from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job... THIS weird freaking thing! After mantaclause this is just really perplexing and just wtf were they thinking over at old spice.

Game Trailers: Unit 13 for PS Vita - Guided Tour

This might be the one reason I give in and buy a PS Vita. I was burned by getting a PSP on launch ad having nothing to play. The great games didn't come out till a year later. Hopeful the launch will be far better than what they did with the PSP and monster hunter on a higher def screen would be nice.

nit 13 - PlayStation Vita - There's no sense mincing words: The next game from SOCOM creator Zipper Interactive represents a fairly radical rethinking of the competitive shooter genre

Funny Video: Tales of Fantasy VII

A fan made intro for Final Fantasy VII done in the "Tales" series style. Another popular JPRG series that is known for its anime style and cut scenes. Rather well done considering it is a fan project!

Diablo 3 News!

Diablo 3 has been confirmed to be coming to consoles!!! This is great news! There hasn't been a console Diablo port since the first game on Playstation.

There has also been some real intresting rumors about a Feb 1 release date, now Best Buy is showing as the Feb. 28th. Blizzards community manager came out and said there is no offical date yet. But we have to be getting close. There has been some major meetings going on apparently from what Bashiok has said about Diablo 3. With 3 major releases this year I think they have to release soon.

My predictions are..
Diablo 3 late winter / early spring
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swam summer *pre fall pro gaming season*
World of Warcraft Mists of Pandora Fall

Source: Diablo3 Fans

WTF Internet !?! Star Wars XXX Parody

Worst... Porn Parody Trailer...EVERY!!! Wow this is terrible... like really really terrible. How did this ever get made and I think George Lucas going to sue somebody! Spaceballs was far more of a Parody than this! Even Zack and Miri Make a Porno had a better idea for Star Wars Porn! WTF were they thinking...

ALSO CHEWIE LOOKS CREEPY AS HELL! How do you fuck up that costume, really!?

PlanetSide 2 The9 Gameplay

New gameplay footage from Planetside 2 via the games Chinese distribution partner!

Sourece: Joystiq

Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man!

The last book that Dr. Seuss wrote before passing away. About growing up and what life throws at us. I have never seen it read in such a way that is more impact to everyone, adults included. Animated with his own art-style is one thing. To have one people of one of the most freedom based events in the US saying it. Plain awesome and weird. I love this video and so should you.

Reminder CES 2012!

IS THIS WEEK! I'm so excited to see the new big tech coming out!

WTF Internet !?! Sonic Progressive Commercial

--- Yes this was needed to be yelled out loud cause of how mind blogging this damn commercial is!

Source: Kotaku

Game Trailer: Tribes Ascend - Focus!

Finally a trailer that shows off one of the major aspects of Tribes that I love. It is not a hit-scan game. What is that you ask? Games like Call of Duty and well most modern FPS games are hit-scan. You put your cross hair on the target and click the button and the bullets magical instantly hit your target. There is no physics, no bullet drop no really skill compared to the older FPS games. Quake if you fired a grenade or rocket you had to anticipate where your enemy was going and fire. Hi-Rez has removed any hit-scan weapons from the new Tribes Ascend. This makes me very happy cause it also means old school fps gamers like myself will have a slight advantage when it comes out. I can already hear the COD players bitching about how the hit boxes are off or there too much lag... excuse after excuse cause this game takes real twitch gaming skill and quick thinking. Thank you Hi-Rez studios!

OH and there is a mid air knifing and a jet pack momentum based flag swap that is just jaw droopingly awesome!


WTF Hollywood ?!? : Brisk Ice Tea - Star Wars: Darth Maul vs Yoda

This commercial for new Brisk Tea that has Darth Maul vs Yoda to promote Episode I 3d...  Yet they manage to make one of the only good things about that movie look like a 80's cartoon villain.... Seriously I think that the Shredder was more frighting than this Darth Maul.  Brisk... WHY?!  WTF were you thinking!  You could have made a awesome big head fight between them but nooo.

News: Star Trek 2 casting news!

From Toplessrobot
Variety reports that Benedict Cumberbatch, titular star of the phenomenal BBC series Sherlock and portrayer of Smaug in the upcoming Hobbit movies, has been cast as the main villain in Trek 2.

This is most welcome news! The BBC modern day Sherlock specials that start this wonderful actor and written by Steven Moffit have been some of the best TV I've seen in years. They are different enough from recent US movies starting Robert Downing Jr. that they stand on their own. As they should after all. If Brittan didn't do Shelock better than US it be almost insulting. He has quickly become one of my favorite actors in or outside the US. Now we get to see him on the big screen in a Star Trek movie!?

Controlled Quantum Levitation - Mini Real Life Wipeout ! Thanks Japan!

Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe'Out Track is by far one of the most amazing things I've seen come out of Japanese Engineering in a while. I want someone to make full sized one of them tracks and cars and put freaking Nascar to shame. DO IT Japan! Make a whole new sport.

WTF Internet !?! Old Spice MANta Claus | Beatbox Player

This has to be the worst Old Spice commercial starting Isaiah Mustafa! Better known as the best old spice guy!

Game Trailer: PlanetSide 2 -Factions - Directors Cut

Get a narrated look at the 3 factions returning to PlanetSide 2. New Models is always a plus but it really shows how different each faction is. The Original MMO FPS is a much wanted return by many players of the Original but they have some competition now. Dust 514 is coming out, Firefall, updates to Global Agenda and many more in the works I'm sure. The market is a very different place so I wonder how well this sequel will do.

Game Trailer: Syndicate Deep -Dive: Co-Op Trailer!

As the game release quickly approaches we get another look into the cyber punk world of Syndicate. This trailer takes a look at the Deep- Dive mission from the Co-Op perspective. Also the let out that several of the missions will be from the original DOS game Syndicate. Which I find a very nice throwback to those of us who remember playing the first game. I think I will be playing Akuma come release day. The bad ass looking Japanese punk chick!

WTF Internet !?! Return of the Farting Jedi (who Farts)

I can't help but laugh. Sure it is immature as hell but I don't know why but I can't help myself. If you can't crack a grin at something so horrible and stupid as even this your not human. Fart jokes are sophomoric and childish but it is better to laugh if life than to be moody and depressed. Oneminutegalatica does it again!

Source: Attack of the Show on G4

Funny Video: 31 Jokes for NERDS!

Thirty-one nerdy jokes in less than four minutes. Math, engineering, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, and chemistry jokes make it into the list. And I understood all of them.

John Barrowman: Spiderman Medley and MORE!

Ok we know John Barrowman, as Captain Jack Harkness, is the 2nd most amazing thing when it comes to Doctor Who. First being The Doctor obviously. John hasn't shyed away from being an openly gay actor and it hasn't stopped him one bit. But did you know the man sings.... And is on tour!? Topless Robot posted a video of him doing Spiderman / Wonder Women Medley that I had to share... and the videos I found after clicking at the end of it.

So we have Spiderman / Wonder Women Medley

I feel like a Women

Time after Time

And one More thanks to a Reader. The Doctor and I. Nice find!

Big Crits Da Crew - Deathwing Kill by Ice blocking Mage

Big Crits' Da Crew returns with a Deathwing 25 Man Kill that is one of the most Oh Shit moments I have had in World of Warcraft. After many 2% wipes we pull off a DOT (Damge of Time Spells) based kill thanks to our Mage Mes ice blocking as the rest of the raid Wiped !Thanks to Claire posting this, prom fraping it. The Kill is at 5:07 in the fight. The whole video is longer and lets you see the antics of the DA Crew side of Big Crits.

Da Crew team is the more causal side of Big Crits. For those players who don't have the hours to be on the main raider team. But we love to be just as competitive and have even more shenanigans in our raids!

Da Crew team is recruiting members for the 25 man team. Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday 7PM CST to 10PM CST

Bandai Entertainment Halting New Releases

See press release from Anime News Network here.

Sad news from Bandai Entertainment. The company will be shutting down production of new titles, and instead will spend its efforts on licensing rights. It will be restructured, with most of the employees being laid off.

This hits fans like me hard. I own several Bandai titles, like Big O and Wolf's Rain. I had also been looking forward to an American dub of Nichijou. While there appears to be a lot of finger-pointing at piracy, several fans have pointed out that the lack of quality products from Bandai is also to blame.

All the same, it's a terrible shame to see another big anime company dissolve like this.

Funny Video: Batman Chooses His Voice (Front Page Films)

College Humor finally figures out how Batman got that gravely voice. Ya not the best video they have done and their choice of who played Batman seems a bit weird. Still makes me go wtf were they thinking?! Still weird and somewhat funny.

Top 5 Video Game Based Rap Videos

Originally I wanted to make this a geek / gamer rap video rather than just a video game based one. Then I realized that will have to not only be it own list but a bigger one. There is a lot of nerdcore out there after all. This are songs that have stuck in my head and happen to have videos assorted with them. I know there are gamer based rap songs out there but these got my attention and made the list. If you have one you would like to suggest for the next list or think should have been here put it in the comments below.

5) Jace Hall - Street Fighter

4)MC Frontalot - It's Pitch Dark - Zork

3)SMOSH - Legend of Zelda Rap - Umm Legend of Zelda

2) Dorkly Bits : Wish I had a Portal Gun - Portal 2

1)Jace Hall - I Play W.o.W. - World of Warcraft